One Chance

Here goes...
A song for the one I love the most, for the one who means the world to me!

One chance...
just one chance.

One chance,
to show what you mean to me,
one chance,
to show you I care, I really do.

A chance...
is all I'm asking for,
just one chance.

Can't take it no more
no no I can't.
You know I need you,
yeah... I really do.

Feeling so cold, so lonely,
feels so empty inside... wholly
completely, without you in my life
I'm nothing less than dead.

I know I have hurt you,
I know it was my fault.
I just need a chance,
one chance to make it right.

Hear me once, don't go away,
don't leave me, baby please stay...

Why can't we be like before,
Love and Care worth dying for?

Wanna bring that old relationship back,
I just wanna have you by my side...
I can change, and baby yeah... I will.
Trust me now, I have nothing to hide.

All I'm asking for is
a chance, just one chance...

by Richard Howardson

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good a pleasing read, the broader theme inside is grief although...10