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One Cold Night..
HV (23/07/88 / Hassan, Karnataka, INDIA)

One Cold Night..

Waking up
from short sleep
I looked...
window panes
they gone white
revealed nothing
from outside.
Some sort of fear
of insecureness
like other days
I smelt being lonely
from inside! !

Leaving the trail
of frosty breath
I walked..
I was awake, almost!
Moisten lips
of a fair lady
in the mirror trembled.
I could still hear
cold wind whistling
finding space to enter,
like the memories those stale
by the time.. refinds you!

Droplets rolled
over the body, tried
to console with its warmth
over unhealed wounds
of past remains
whose pain it regains.
There were weird scribblings
upon the walls of the happiness
like the demons in temple
questioning his holliness.
I felt for a while the presence,
a kind of emptyness and I moved.

Empty glasses
upon the table
reminded me its tinkle
of the last night.
I walked wet
in between...
tears told eyes
a few things were alright.
'I didn't wanted this'
a thought came in this way.
Thought how beautiful
the candle light it was
still fighting for its day.


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