One Dark Night In The Mist Of A Fright.

one dark night
In the mist of a fright

There was a lovey young lady.
Standing in the brightest of lights.

One dark night At the edge the water

the sun light came and made his shadow much taller.

It grew and it grew.

One dark night in the mist of a fright.
A pale young girl, lost in a abyss.
Saw a sight that not a soul would miss.

One dark night. Soon it was day.
And darkest of dark is how would stay.

There was a man with a laugh as long his grin.
rope on his neck. wrapped to his chin.

Then with a snap, it all came to play.

There was the girl with the decsion to stay.

As she watched she cried. THe tears became ice.

She came to the spot where he lost his life.
She spun and laughed bright like a rose.
She sat with knife it tickeled her toes.

One dark night in the mist of a fright.

The young girl became as red as the water.
She laughed as she found herself alone with her father.

Never again in the mist of a fright.
Never again in the brightest of lights.
Only alone, in the darkest of nights

by Ron Farmer

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This is enchanting. It's quirky and you play with words really nicely, keep on writing... Mark.