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One Day
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One Day

Poem By Vanessa Brown

One day she'll appear to you,
Your starry eyed vision of splendour;
In a delicate mist of unparalleled beauty,
With a heart so young a tender.

Her eyes will explore your face so true,
And she captures your heart's lone song;
You yearn to steal a fragile kiss,
Before she vanishes into the throng.

Can she see your affectionate heart,
Kinder than any on earth?
Does she notice your breathtaking eyes,
That endearingly crinkle with mirth?

Does she acknowledge your artistic mind,
Where profound thoughts never sleep?
If she saw you falling off the edge,
If it saved you, would she leap?

Your tortured heart implores an answer,
Begging for her heart to see;
But if her eyes are blind to your beauty beyond measure,
If it counts, you've always got me.

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