One Day...

Walking down Western Avenue
With grocery bags in my hand
People in their cars wondering
Is that little boy feeding his family?

I have a list of things I need to get
Have to make sure there's enough milk
Have to make sure to get the eggs
Have to make sure I get them all

Parents do too much for me
I'm grateful for it though
my Mom works 12 hours,
6 days a week
Dad has 2 jobs
5 to 8,2hr break
When we get home
He cooks for me, and
To his second job
All so I can get a good life

After all they've been through in their lives
They'd sacrafice it all
For Me
I hope I can make them proud
One Day I will
One Day....

by Jay Akarim

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This is so sweet, sad, and touching. Wonderful poem :)