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One Day
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One Day

One day things will work out the way you want it to.
I wonder what would happen if i never met you.
Would it change the way i think, or the way I feel?
Sometimes when I'm alone and close my eyes, I wonder if it's real.
I don't open up to people the way I did you, and now I know why.
Things happen for a reason you can't change it, no matter how you try.
Should have known better than to get as close to you as I had.
Now that we've falen apart, I've lost myself, it's bad.
Wonder if I ever meant anythin to you, as you did to me.
Seems like you're better with these situations, when will I get to see?
Wish I didn't have these feelings, want to lock them up and hide.
Maybe I should have stayed closed up, kept it all in and lied.
Now I'm so lost, don't know how to think straight anymore.
It seems like it was a waste of all we built, and what for?
So now I'm just gonna write until I'l all out of words to say.
Clear my head with all my thoughts and hope it goes away.
I'm gonna shut down back to the person I once was.
Maybe than I won't stess, I won't have to like everyone else does.
I don't want to get this close to anyone like you and I.
It seems like when I do I just push them away and cry.
To emotional when I start to express how I look at life.
Why didn't a red flag come up when I knew about your wife.
I figured if we had that talk, I'd just push you away and be done.
Not thinking because I did it all wrong, to fast, punched the gun.
Doesn't feel like this will ever be fixed, or go back to before.
Guess it wasn't meant to, like always, on foot out the door.
All I can do is sit back and take what life throws at me.
Hope it all works out, either way both of us happy as should be.

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