One Day

One day I'll see the sky catch fire
One day I'll watch the waves
Crash before my feet in a respectful bow
One day I'll welcome back those who have gone
One day I'll witness the downtrodden rise
And in one breath whisper "It didn't matter,
We were always weightier than you"
And I'll weep then, I'll weep till my part
Of the collective crime against them all is forgiven
For I was weak of heart and gifted my love one-sidedly
For my arms did not reach far out enough
And I put my dreams to sleep because the sirens
Had it their way with me too

by Maria Danoussi

Comments (2)

Work of an active imagination, well articulated and nicely with from the heart. Thanks for sharing Maria.
A refined poetic imagination, Maria D. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.