One Day

One day I will fly,
take to the sky-
fly high above the land below,
Mountains high
and Valleys low

I'll ride the winds
on a cool autumn breeze
while admiring the colors
of October leaves

I'd fly the spring
over the green that spring yields
then admire the shadows
on winters white fields

Over Mountains I'd drift
as the sun helps me rise
alone and aloft
within summers blue sky

...If I could fly

...If it were real
this is how

I think I'd feel.

by Cee Bea

Comments (1)

Beautiful imagery of the seasons, soaring above them and seeing every detail imprinted into a poem. Flying is a favorite of mine, love being in a peaceful sky away from the world, your poem resonated with my spirit in this respect. Great rhythm, flows peacefully through every line of the poem. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn