One Day

Filled with regret and pain,
Would do anything to start my life again.
Could it be me?
What have I done?
Trapped inside with nowhere to run.
Stuck in this cage,
Learning from an early age,
The brutality of drugs and knives.
So before you judge me,
Please, take a look at my life.

Staring out at the unknown,
Please, God I just want to go home.
I see the world through my childhood eyes,
Not a single soul could mend my cries.
I'm like a puppet being played,
Life as I know it has drastically changed.
I know one day I will make it,
One day, I will make you proud.
Don't believe me?
Well, I'll see you in the crowd.

by Stephen Mcbride

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True feelings and emotions. I felt it. Thanks.