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One Day

I dont know when the time might come,
I dont even know where I might be
But this I do say, until that one day
That then; I will be free.
I think of that day with every step I take,
As I wish for it, with every breath I breathe
As I hope my day will come, before my life is done,
Then finally I'll know, you will belong to me.

Though I might be standing alone one day
Or I might be writing, with pen and pad in hand,
But my time will be here, maybe a day or even a year
And then I will know, that indeed for us I am a man.
I think of that day with every step that I take
And I wish with every breath that I breathe,
Am I being judged, or against me is there a grudge,
Doesn't anyone want me and my soul to be free.

I don't know where that I might be standing,
And I don't know exactly where I might be,
I don't know if it will be far or near, a day or a year,
But I do hope, that my time is coming for me.
I look and speak to my family and friends
I tell them too, that one day it will be my day,
But they push me aside, as their time has arrived,
And I don't need the same time for which they had prayed.
I look at my world, there is no one else like me,
I stand alone I don't even know who I am,
They say I should be proud, like a new born child,
But in what they say, there belief they never took their stand.

Randy L. McClave

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