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One Day
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One Day

Poem By Fateme Moradi

Every kingdom will be down as is collapsed, one day
Silence of roam?
Every realm will be lost as give it back
A Great coup
Without any spiltblood, one day! ! !
Oh expended the empire like the rome? !
We search the justice and Roar so loud, one day? ?
Ever enthncentrism is free for all
And crultry…
Every day will be a brand new day but, one day
Heavenly smiles the prefect world
Lend of friendly
Every darkness night has a glare day, one day! ! !
When the sky rained the fire
Every season will be end, albatross will sayyyy
Free sparrows on the trees is our desire! !
Every symphony is a sign off arrangement in dreams, but one day
Earth without of evilland will be found?
Every movment, political guys what end mm? ?
Do you realize as will be sound? ?
Every affair love is a form into our viens heyyy
Shamless, hopless for us
Every word of all the line in this sentence is for you that… one day
As illegal entertainment but there’ s no dice? !
Every purpose has a aim oh perhaps 2 and or 4
With out end
Every idol with their prayers is honorable? Can’ t ignor
Just helping hand to lend!
Every battlefield is a trace to victory or defeat
Get this hurt! Oh we are
Every instructions is performed, lie we never knew again meet
Not action is confirmed so far
Every unrecognized dances married men in the malestorm!
Bruised upon our mind
Every one touchs the mercy just for once
Listinig to honor him it’ s a form
Ain’ t so hard to find
Every where at the time here to my bid
Realizeing to one day
It’ s true that I say?
Every leader fights no flag what dose it mean?
Some one gives me answer, one day?
Every struggle has a fire epic, perhaps ice
Tell you twice will be rise
Oh no never not one day !
Trifled guys empty day never become with a one day
No one day! !
all they know but they do
Then no one day again then
empty day
Oh yeah we except for one day! ! !
As always will come back the bluewind
Oh no one day
What ever wil be wait will be wait
Will come back the blue wind to our wounded hearts, one day
Any way we are hate we are hate!
one day never have been a one day! ! ! !
ain’ t one day
arrangement and edit also poem by: Schwarzaugen

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