One Day

One day, I want to talk
A long meandering conversation
Without watching the clock
While rushing to catch a flight, or a train

One day, I want to share a quiet meal
Just the two of us
Without bothering, about people around us
Or watching how we behave

One day, I want to walk in verdant gardens
Hand in hand, stopping to admire flowers in bloom
Or feel the breeze playing with the trees
And to feel your arms gather me in a tender kiss

One day, I want to watch the sunset with you
Walking along a sea shore
And stay out there on the beach making love
Till the sunrise greets us, mio amore

One day, I want to share reading glasses
As we smile our dentured grins
And gaze at you with love and longing
As life says goodbye, to meet again!

by Anita Atina

Comments (4)

This is the most wonderful love song I have read in a long, long time. Exquisite. Good for framing, for gifting, for memorizing. You have done such a great job. Adeline
Calm and clear-visioned, a delightful homage to the still, timeless reality of Love when it is true.... thank you.
A very compelling write, Anita. All relationships, I think, need such a quiet, peaceful time for refreshment. You express it so very well. Thanks Richard
Some really nice thoughts - in todays confusion.