CA (August 22,1991 / Millersburg)

One Day

A forward that i really liked.

When i went to school i realized that i left my history book at home.
I thought 'oh well, i can borrow a book.'
Then i realized i that my homework was in that book.
I thought 'oh well, i can make it up later.
Then i realized a note i wronte you was on the back of the assignment cause i ran out of paper.
I thought 'oh well, you know i love you and that your my friend.
Then i realized that on the love note it said,
'i love you and i never want to lose you.'
It said that because i never want to lose a great friend like you.
I thought ' oh s***! I better get that book back!

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hey i made that one! ! ! ! lol.
lol. nice. i like that one too.