JD (October 16,1988 / Stony Brook, New York)

One Day

Such cruelty is faced day by day
and though I face it, it is taken gracefully.
Though you push me and spit in my face,
I simply just go onward, day by day.
You see, although I'm in agonizing pain,
it doesn't matter because I haven't changed.
I haven't morphed to suit you or make you happy
I just simply ignore all of your harshness.
I am tired, that, I'll admit, but it doesn't break me.
Not a kink in my soul you have left
from all the cruelty you've done.
You may think you're breaking me, but you're not.
You're only making me stronger until.....
One day I'll be stronger than you

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Comments (2)

you are very talented and don't let anyone get you down. Stand strong and overcome.
I like this Jacqueline... sometimes you have to stay strong and fight for who you are and what you believe in. Nice job!