One Day

one day you will open your eyes
and see that there's nothing in disguise
you will seek the truth
and you'll fall deeply into the sky
you will see that the lives of people
were sad, happy, and hidden
to know that the children of those people
will live the same but more admitted

one day you'll wonder
and think about the past
to know that you were some one
and that someone was very tasked
who listened, learned, and was taken by a challenge
a difficult feild in which one shall master
then you come out of maze
to realize that this life wasn't just a journey
but it was a faze
a faze you took knowledge from

one day you will conquer
walk the fields of your destination
come upon those of your enemies
and show them you are no longer afraid
that you stand for yours
and you speak among your people
that you are free
and have become what you mean

but just to know that one day
you will see
you will acknowledge
you will become
and you will be all there is
to know.......that one day
that day that will come
that your life was how you made it
your life is how you make it
and that one day will show
how you inspired yourself to look up in see that
that one day was all you know

by Ti'ara D. Perry

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