One Day At Work I Gazed Outside

One day at work I gazed outside,
Across the glass sev'n-storey high.
I saw those same piles, tall and wide,
Taking vast space right off the sky.

As just my eyes, in pain of strains,
Could not resist the drooping lids,
A golden bird, with silver wings
In beats, shot through the drowsy mists.

It hovered round within my sight-
Sometimes it glided through the waft,
And oft it thrust with all its might,
Calling brisk zephyr by his craft.

Then two clouds wedded overhead,
Or 'twas a wink of heaven’s eye,
A crux of time in which it left
So fast I couldn’t say goodbye.

I drew the blinds and closed my eyes;
At once I felt with bliss endowed,
And saw the bird up high the sky,
Soaring towards the buoyant cloud.

by Edmund Wong

Comments (2)

This is beautiful Edmund, you have written a delightful and lovely poem. Excellent. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
A very sweet poem..good wordings Anjana