On The Outside..... Looking In

Standing at Love's window, I wonder
Why I've never been invited in,
The warm light from within calls to me,
Then the tortured fantasies begin

Is it true that roses smell sweeter
When Love gently touches their stem?
I've heard birds sing more beautifully
With the intent of Love guiding them

And they say Love can revive a heart
That's withered like a dying flower,
O, the stories I've heard about Love.....
Its gentleness and furious power

Even a heart that's grown old and tired,
Filled with ashes where once there was fire,
Even that heart still hopes for a chance
To rekindle Love's blazing desire

But my hour is past, my cry not heard,
I sleep beneath loneliness and pain,
Love will not share its power with me,
But condemns me to wear its chain

Yet, Love has quite the reputation
For bringing joy where sadness has been,
But I wouldn't know..... that's what I've heard,
I'm on the outside..... looking in

by Lora Colon

Comments (2)

I liked it.
The watcher moon has seen, the culmination of life with the other watchers the owls, mosquitoes, rats etc. feeding off the carrion of the dead.