One Day I Turned My Back On Fear

One day I turned my back on fear.
The what if who knows who cares
That followed me since a child.
THAT silenced all the stares

What seemed silly, pathetic or worse
Now seems gentle, soft and sweet.
Like an epiphany one might have
About the utter majesty of feet.

Each day I try to move with grace
Even vacuuming in heels.
Cinderella missing the dance,
Dances simply to how good it feels.

Time doth run
Like hungry horses run to pasture
We open the gate
Be we servants or the master.

by Julia Ann Miller

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Loving the syntax and the imagery here. Allusions to a Cinderella-esque state of being?
A nice poetic imagination, Julia. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks