One Day In My Mind

One day, suddenly
In my mind
She appeared

What are you doing in this place?
I asked.

Just like that.
I heard. And came along.
She replied.

There's too much happening here.
No time to hang about.
I said.

She reached out and held my hand.
And with a bit of a smile, said
Don't worry
I'll just stand in a corner
And watch what's on your mind

I can find
My mind here too.

And so
She's been here
In my mind, ever since

Without any Agreement!

©Deepak Manchanda 30July2017

by Deepak Manchanda of Delhi

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Comments (2)

Mind is magnet like that attracts or repulses as per its pole. She has been attracted and She's been here In your mind, ever since Without any Agreement! .. Beautiful poem on love. Romantic and captivating. Many thanks dear Deepak, keep the ball rolling.
Her appearance in mind remained as perceptional feelings of love. Without any agreement you could find mind with love. Amazingly penned poem is shared here.10