One Day In Summer

'Wake! ' brightens oak leaves, starring in the sunlight,
'Shake! ' thuds the acorns that stud the seething tree,
'Quake! ' howls wind prowling, lair within strained branches,
'Make! ' calls the landscape, all crawling, climbing landscape,
'take all of busy, brim blooms of blossomed things! '

Hours of sunlight,
vivid in their prime,
climb the bridge of blueness,
the crystal leap of sky,
and chimes are silent,
stilled, idle chimes of time....

'Sleep, ' soothes the sunset, sudden on the hilltops,
'Weep' spills the bubbles on chilled pool in the stream,
Deep is its woe- steeped in depths ever deeper-
down may plow the iron anchor, grief...
'Creep, ' coos the moss, usurper in the darkness,
'Keep' whispers night sky, 'your promise to me.'
One pure white star, steadfast barge within the heavens,
is freighted with clear weight of all eternity.
'Seep, ' words ebb and drift this night-tide,
'seep, and then you merge with me...'

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