One Day, One Life

Behold the gilded dawn anew
Tho' evening we wrote off the sun
Touch the fragile, leaf-ful dew
Where hours before there was none

Wonder, the mists rise
Which seemed so forever
As cold night, never-ending, ends
Nature never says never

In the springtime of the day
Life touches corners left forlorn
Birds flit around, excited, gay
Green shoots of plants newborn

Nature in all its glory clad
In glowing warmth of forenoon rays
Fresh breeze which cools just so, no more
All these make my winter days

Now alas, the midday ends
And downward, downwards goes the noon
Till slanting light makes sparse amends
For what was and has gone so soon

The birds and bees, more solemn now
Look inwards, homeward bound
Await the moment the red sun sets
Now nature's trumpets make no sound

And so ends one winter day
So ends one life, one song
But wait, let there be no dismay
Another dawn won't be long

by Kishore Asthana

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