(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

One Day Unbroken One Awakens To See

From sensitive to monster.
Cold and thoughtless.

From homo to queer.
And other names I've heard called,
Over the many years.

From lazy to workaholic.
And from too discipline and driven...
Are those titles I've been given.

But vicious I am not.
Although I do live in that atmosphere.
Where people will unite quickly...
To throw daggers and eyes of spears.

And one day unbroken one awakens to see...
The levels experienced by those of different consciousness.
Which of those living in reality...
Oppose to those who curse themselves,
In accepted darkness.

To then realize who's life should be prioritized.
And which nonsense to dismiss.
And before one can blink an eye,
This is done!

Perhaps a few blinks.
But my point is this...
Whatever one chooses to dismiss,
Can and will be done.

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