One Day You Will Fly

You are laying in my bed in my arms
I can sense you are feeling safe
You strech your beautifull body
You crawl in to my cave

After we have maked slow love
your eyes are glowing like fire
I can feel and smell you in my face
I can not hide my eyes desire

I know you had hurt your wings
when I found you - your shape was bad
Now you have wun your strenghts back
I know one day you will make me sad

I can see into your eyes
the freedom spirits are growing
soon you will leave my cave
because your heart and soul are moving

I will always remember this time
Like the best summer in the bay
I will smile and always see your eyes
and I know this day you will fly away

by Tekkoo Heinrich

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So sad.....but lovely! ! ! ! So passionate! ! ! ! !