(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

One Discovers A Difference Uncovered

It is difficult to awaken to find one's mind,
Clear and defined amongst those still in a deep sleep.
It is difficult to address a consciousness that has leapt,
Over leaps and bounds to experience and connect...
To an understanding that comprehends overnight,
That which 'just' yesterday...
Was not a thought or in one's hindsight to welcome,
Or invite to provide insight.
And when this happens one discovers a difference uncovered.
But few will interpret this as maturity.
Since many immature are still reminiscing to relive,
How 'things' use to be and can not accept themselves as adults.

'How old are you? '


'Whew! Sixty-Six? ! '

~Yes. Why? ~

You look the same as I remember.
But so much about you has changed,
Since our childhood.'

You're kidding?
I had not noticed this at all.~

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