One Does Count

Number One was missing
And Two was next in line.
Three yelled for Two to move up
And accused Two of wasting time.

Two got angry with Three
Because Three said
Two had to move.
And nobody wanted to be Three
Three had double crooked grooves.

Then all of the other Numbers
Begin to talk and mumble.
No one was willing to succeed
They all began to jumble
When Two begin to grieve.

Doesn't anybody care about me?
No one knows what I'm going through.
You haven't even thought about it
Tell the truth, have you?

Since infancy I've played with One
All the days of my life
I know this is my end.
Three bellowed out and shouted
Hey Two, 'I thought you were my friend.

Two then said,
I asked One to marry me?
I thought One was so nice,
Not only did I ask One once
But by golly, I asked One twice.

Two cried, If I become One
And One gets lost again.
Then me being Two
I'll be nothing all over again.

One really helped me
Through some jams
I'd gotten use to Ones company.
We always resolved our problems
One really made me who I am.

We didn't do any modifying
We use to play
And just fun around.
I'll never accept my name as One
I don't want to be moved down.

I'll only be a half
Of the fellow I use to be.
Why can't you just see that
And be satisfied, Mr. Three?

What can we do without One
All the numbers asked?
We all will lose our identity
Our budget will change
Even value on the dollar won't last.

We are all successfully organized
Each assigned with no less.
Now because One is gone
We'll all work harder
And be greater but under stress.

Just because its One whose missing
Don't think that it won't show.
And if anyone should ask who said it
Tell them Two said so.

by Cecelia Weir

Comments (2)

Now this is my kind of poem, a lovely rendering about numbers. Well done indeed. Love Ernestine XXX
Cute poem, Cecelia.