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One Dropp Of Blood
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

One Dropp Of Blood

Poem By Dan Quiles

One dropp of blood In the streets
And already you can hear
The tear of the cries and sense the pain
Nothing more to gain.
One dropp of blood,
And everybody is on the move
For cover all fearing for life.
One dropp of blood,
In the city and already
The coppers are on the move.
A second too late,
A minute too late.
One dropp of blood
And what a shameful place We all live in.
One dropp of blood
In the cold city of Boston,
The media going bananas.
The commish feeling the heat
And the cities beat
One dropp of blood,
In every second
For the sake of tomorrow,
We should unite as a one
And work cohesively together.

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