One Elijah

Save me from the hatred
Nothing loves, shun and crumble
Plus, discovered compositions hung my trust on the fence
Consistent writtens, with the endings in the front
Different time for jokes
Limits improvise, this design, feeling signs like...
"Try Christ", adjusting my tourniquet (spiritual)
Thy reminding I, that sight of the Light
Is subject in the flesh, still, since I must
Imploring my Lord again
Just to give myself a pass like distortion
Some mortals hid
Purple ribbons, lasting constants, advance, attraction that's lacking traction
I ain't really big on the function
I hate the cords of sin
A force of evil spirits, attacks, perhaps
Collapsing origins, avid stories, nothing like that
Besides the fact, of slanderers with rattling tails
Exacting tales, to damage, passion matches love
When in action, and I don't bother none...
Entrapping, even mad, don't let the grass x the path out
Manage, being glad, Jesus' Dad has a plan now...
Revelations, shock my mind, devils waiting
For engagement of my substance, corrupt it, forever basic
I engrave this, with the depth of my essence
I'm less than nothing else
Terrorism, certain harassments, I ain't of despair though (unfair)
Double dares, ain't dumb or scared
The battle is the Lord's
Wickedness will burn while the righteous Kingdom is restored!
Ain't with violence either
And I'm humble, fair...
The devil exercise deception, etched my mind, why correct him?
I collect the vines, expressions, seven kinds, my perspective is in time
Though it don't exist, but spirit realm...
And I understand the hidden threats I get (for doing right)
Prepared to sacrifice
No matter what I lost, God is there, to quench my appetite
I'm acting like a prophet loving YHWH
That is right
subject to abuse by some society that laughed in spite...
Still, I write up and live it
Society's a joke
Even when my titles are missing and idle themes are sold
Hence, I'm never over or finished
A liar's speech is wrong
Against the circumstances I fight
And that's 'cause Jesus rose...
And evil's cold
The Light is warmer, and a source of hope
Ain't nothing that I fear
Was destroyed for naught, restored, and grown...
These essentials, being credentials, deemed an issue wrongly
Lowly reed, had slowly grown, at slowing speeds
For knowing He, and throwing seeds of sin and evil
Off, potency, the costs, the Cross can show who seek it
Broken things, resolved, Light has sown the peace
Anywhere and everywhere, the wind is there...
The call, the atmosphere ain't open, seeing the tribulations for myself
And some contraptions
Stuff my craft encapsulated, what's before me
I'm adjacent, figure such I couldn't imagine, technically, I have the graces
Stages, phases, major pictures, publications
Things, I'm in them
Rays contagious, though my name and praise, remaining unattached
From things, the strangest, what's subtracted me and why?
The impact I bring
Is wide, never absent, key, I am the sea
A planet drinks...
Harassment, seems too coincidental
Actually dreamed to be like that, I didn't, crafty scenes
Misrepresented, reason for my end
I want to know...
My hands were clean, focused on the Lord
And, not what the satan be saying of me
Holding on the Sword
Of the Spirit, the Word is paramount
It's funny how distortion commences
I'm in the Scripture though, for real
Veils of fraudulency, that, lips of envy rose
But, here and now
I'm caught on the peace, and all the things
He promised... (I Praise Him)
Knew that it was something but thought it could be
Abate with "sorrys", but there ain't a need
I've forgiven 'cause God is in it, with me, Spirit
God entrusts me with this?
He's Alpha and Omega...
But no clamour and won't go to counters in bodegas
Just to handle extra
Rather graft to what the Bible says...
I don't expect satan stop attacking 'til I am led, the prophecies unfolding
A lot have seen, sands of time decline
Still, in faith, unbothered, aware that God has my light in hand
Coals, and spiritual warfare prayers, to cast the torsion down, celeb and sound
My Lord's fair, cares, when things distort His crowned
Which is all the righteous
Exciting, an ever present Helper
When I'm in the valley
Even, things ain't like I wanted it
Strange, but reality, I don't
For God has placed us in a battle scene we won't comprehend
Without His guidance, been about the minus, pluses, and I love it too
Arranged to be at odds with others doesn't compromise the
Was glad to see my 23rd
Had a meaning though
For every precious moment, underneath the Throne, precedes a goal
Being enrobed in constants and other stuff I ain't even know
Even though love crushes and puzzles us
Such we need the most...
Receive a dose, contentment, my dreams are ghosts in
Figments, clearly, gravitating near me
The coordinates of orbits, comments, comets, something
Many mazes, the jungles
I make my dwelling at, and never that
To conquer and cover, I loves a sheltered might
Never strike by thriving in imitating a different Savior, limitation
Held withinside, like stories burning through
Anointings spreading wider and brighter than just to
Furbish you...
So altruism is final, it's all perspective, see, and broad, connectively
The resolve, oppression free, oppressively, paying attention, it calms...
The devil messed with me...
A lot of spans revisited, not that though, I dwell upon
Forever, guess it's me
From the measures, was set for me
I grew where I was tarrying at, as a plant, or tree
Left the hand for leaves, a tribe that's in expansion
Surprising, and coinciding with God...
Speaking things in righteousness
Creating opportunities
Waded through the mire with my staff and Savior rooting me
Made it through the fire
Saw some traps from satan schmoozing me
I knew because it'd change up everytime I'd raise to move my feet...
But I can notice the future
The sands of time decline, roses shrivel up, and the clocks stop
And the ocean sighs, anything I do is towards His glory
And not for mine, I'm good in every season
I look to God for what is important
Thoughts of olden times, from my watchtower
The sandlewood, and soothe, mixed
I haven't lose this, the fabrics, new sense, I drew, impacted, even moved ships
Ancient hues a factor, I'm adhesives in-between the fuse lit and newest standards...
Untraditionally, a truth glimpsed, use of latern spiritually
I mean extolling God's, rules I'm after, at a different speed
Not controlling odds, using hammers
Just the Spirit's lead, it's never been a movement
Gluing patterns, and subduing matters, fruitless
My cocoon's full of scratches...
Plus, sandles beaten up
And patches in my robe, got my candles
And spools of wool abandoned, granted, it's with matches
I'm adamant to include my Master, God is yet alive, Father help me
I cannot do without You...
Opposition strong, and outnumbers, ain't getting bold, I'm double
But I know that victory cometh just from Your Throne
I'm humbled...
A problem addict you would think, I never had that wish
What's labelled problematic, my reaction to the damage did...
Or when satan chose to go and snatch the map You'd give
So I'm hated 'cause I won't relax, decay and practice sin...
But, the flesh can see what is done
God can see the why
Many times I've fallen and thought of if I should even try...
But still, God saw me and
Caught me
And died for me to fly
I've come to far to cautiously fall in naught
When these wings are fine


Happy holidays

by Dexsta Ray

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