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One Flower Away From The Sun
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One Flower Away From The Sun

Poem By Ivy Christou

If I had a flower within me
It would instantly die.
Hidden inside me
There are frozen rooms with no residents,
Dusty stairs that only lead to dark lofts,
Blind windows pretending to face the sun.
Flowers can not survive
In an imperfect world.

And if I had it in my hands
I would strangle it with
All the strength left in my weary body.
I would take off its colourful petals
And leave it grey and naked
To see if it can survive in an incomplete form.
And I would step on it so many times
Until it was one breath away from death,
Until I could finally relate to it.

Then and only then I would pick it up
And take care of it with
my remaining compassion
and my outstretched love.

Watching it recover would be as relieving
As seeing my heart mend
step by step.

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Comments (5)

Praise for your courage and your artistry. Wonderful imagery in this one, Ivy. Warm regards, Sandra
This poem is moving, and brave. The way down, then the difficult ascent - carrying us with you. Your intensity is frightening, reassuring - in the end, poetic.
Please protect all your lovely petals, this poem is touching!
a complicated poem but in he nd a hmuan being has no choice but to completely embrace compassion all of it all the time a hard task but life ain't easy fine work
Well, whatever it takes. Your statement's positive, in the final analysis. I read something today about someone taking care of a sick dog while planning an assassination. We're not exactly rational. You're paying attention to your heart here, though, and, well, how many things have we all done, through our ignorance, that we have to atone for. All's well that ends well.