(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

One Glass Ceiling

Preferences made,
Are too often subjected to change.
Like a love thought found one day,
Is discovered to another...
Has been given away.
To then hear someone who has betrayed,
They were exploring their dependence,
To experience other lovers...
And a flavor of that taste.
With an eliminating of that preference.
To then expect their explanations,
Accepted by the one jilted to forgive and forget...
The being made a fool to not remember it.

'I'm no longer having one night stands,
With those I believed would advance my career.'

So what are you doing now?
Finding that the looking at yourself reflecting,
On that glass ceiling you've been made to clean...
Too embarrassing to be reminded,
How you accomplished that...
With a dependency too revealing you find demeans? ~

'I just wanted to prove to you what I could do.'

~And you earned a degree,
To prove to me how big of a fool you can be?
And all I wanted to show you,
Was how to own buildings to pay other people to clean.
But you had your eyes on one glass ceiling,
To demean yourself by doing low life things?
I don't do low life.~

'I just wanted to prove to you what I could do.'

You just wanted to prove to yourself,
Just how high one with low life wishes can reach.
And I don't do low life.
Maintaining my identity and dignity may pay less.
But successful at keeping it I have done.
Without need or desires to impress anyone.~

'I just wanted to prove to you what I could do.'

~You've done it. Congratulations.
But no ceiling do I have that is made out of glass.
Or will confine me to limits to wish that to have.~

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