(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

One Grateful

Not always is it the good stuff
That remains stuck,
In a mind to remember.
Sometimes the taste,
Of something to hate...
Later after digesting,
Becomes appreciated to discover
As time passes,
It hadn't been quickly...
Turned away.

Facing criticism with it done.
To come from someone unafraid,
Of honesty and who refuses...
The use of it to speak truth.
Can start the spewing,
Of offense verbal abuse.
To defend a lie with an alibi.
And depending how close,
This relationship is...
Misunderstanding can end it.

Then a maturing begins.
Easier becomes comprehension.
And remembered commments,
About keeping trust and honesty
One once confused...
Eventually becomes the one,
Grateful to know this.
With a being direct and upfront
To not forget,
Who taught the lesson.
And what it took to have done.

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