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One Happy Moment
(1631 - 1700 / England)

One Happy Moment

Poem By John Dryden

NO, no, poor suff'ring Heart, no Change endeavour,
Choose to sustain the smart, rather than leave her;
My ravish'd eyes behold such charms about her,
I can die with her, but not live without her:
One tender Sigh of hers to see me languish,
Will more than pay the price of my past anguish:
Beware, O cruel Fair, how you smile on me,
'Twas a kind look of yours that has undone me.

Love has in store for me one happy minute,
And She will end my pain who did begin it;
Then no day void of bliss, or pleasure leaving,
Ages shall slide away without perceiving:
Cupid shall guard the door the more to please us,
And keep out Time and Death, when they would seize us:
Time and Death shall depart, and say in flying,
Love has found out a way to live, by dying.

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Comments (6)

A delightful read......great poetry!
I wonder why poets of his era thought death was so romantic.... Barry has the best option
I think divorce is a much better option.
love has found out a way to live, good one.
'O cruel Fair'! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.