One Happy Poet

"The International Society of Poets,
And the National Library of Poetry--
Are two respected Societies,
With many members like you and me."

"It has given me so much pleasure,
When I was asked to belong--
For me this was a great honor,
A happy poet, among thousands strong."

"Their anthologies are the most beautiful,
Poems published from near and far--
To be honored and read by all your peers,
My poems will be above par."

"My poetry has met with some success,
I'll keep writing, come what may--
Perhaps I'll hit the jackpot,
Win a contest, that will make my day."

"I know, perseverance conquers,
I'll always try my best--
To be a successful poet,
Hope my poems will pass each test."

by Marty Rollin

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I suggest you read '(1.8) About 'The Best From 2003' from Karl Stuart Kline, which will put you right about the ISP, a bunch of scammers who just want your money. I also suggest you google 'International Society of Poets', and note that it is a branch of (if you don't know about them you ought to) . Note also the references to 'ripoffs'.