One Hour

One hour rests in my mind and in my soul.
One hour of this night to express all I could.
One hour to fill the glass, with your name, full.
One hour with you and an eternity of pleasure in memory.

Here you have been strangled by parents, lovers and trampled by a physicality.
Your body may have been cleansed but your soul and mind remain soiled.
Muscles aching, soul crushed and mind over-loaded;
You sit and stare as I walk in.

One hour of soothing caress can ever be felt.
One hour of repenting and self-indulgence all justified.
One hour of positive, supportive quietness.
One hour of soul-comforting attention from me to you, so needed by both.

I walk in to check on you; work gives you an excuse.
Through your deceitful and emotionally overburdened eyes, can I see the truth.
With strong, steady hands, of mine, the work is finished momentarily.
Now begins the task at mind, and from heart to save you… to save me.

One hour of sympathetic company to remove apathy.
One hour of you, for you, to release all your grief and spell out your pain.
One hour in which everything goes right, nothing impure.
One hour in which simple, heartfelt actions taken by friends shall endure the tidal waves.

Hand soft, gentle and comforting, have transcended beyond
What my hard, torn and strong hands ever thought.
Circular motions, soothing words, and empathizing touch begin the healing.
Your problems are mine, mine yours; Two as one to solve these problems that complicate.

Everything simplified while we are united, but only a taste of what could be.
My kindness, your strength, my trust, your judgment,
My Heart, and your body come together in amazing unity.

After the hour, we will be on our own as only friends looking for more.
But, an ever-growing uncertainty of how, when and where to ask, resides in me.

One hour of escape from reality in this wake-time fantasy.
One hour giving you what I could for the rest of my life… if you deem worthy.
One hour in which our minds are on only each other, and caring only for the other.
One hour that shall live a lifetime in my memory.

by Robert L. Bixler III

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