One Hundred Degrees Sea

Foaming, bubbling, steaming
Burning, cooking, frightening
Liquid spilling seething sea.
Ohh what a terrifying sight
Tetras cooked right out of body
Cat fish on a hot tin roof
Plasic plants a melting slurry
Bloody aquariums got my money
Sold me heaters made in China
With thermostats that cook
the fish and it’s, just not funny!

by David Taylor

Comments (4)

I can relate to this.....I've fried many a floater in my fish tanks before with a faulty heater.... : O)
And they are not even big enough to make a decent meal! I grieve for you. Poor souls. Nice poem though. Love Ernestine XXX
Oh I would be so upset.. poor fish and your wallet.
And dont forget to parr boil the veggies.