(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

One Joke Away From Sanity

Just one joke away from sanity.
That's it.
Just one.

One more doing to trick and dupe.
And proof!
'Gone With The Wind'.
Long to have been,
Associated to the title of a movie.
Can these days be referenced,
To the ending of conscious minds.
Blinded into entertainment heaven.

Who is it left in steadfast disbelief.
Holding onto slipping grips of hope.
That can not hear and see.
Of all the leaders they could have picked,
Competently to sit...
In a position of leadership.
It had been decided,
One gifted with hoodwink and sleaze...
Would be the best to represent,
Their interests with a protecting...
An envied quality of life.

Who is it left in steadfast disbelief.
Has the capability to listen,
To speeches delivered,
On national TV.
And to broadcast around the World.
So distant from truth.
With a determination,
To delude what is heard into reality.
This is beyond absurd to observe.

Once loyal were the followers.
Booing those who opposed.
Now their loud approving roars.
Have begun to shut their mouths to close.
Leaving jaws now tight.
And their fists to ball.
Knowing they've been tricked by one slick.
Dripping with ego and a narcissist,
That wishes darkness.

Just one joke away from sanity.
That's it.
Just one.

One more lie to deny told to tell.
Getting many to follow,
Behind someone enjoying...
To create chaos, havoc and hell.

Just one more trick,
To dupe and deceive.
And proof.
'Gone With The Wind'.
Blown away are the minds unconscious.
Awakening too late to wonder,
What they allowed to happen to them.
Done right in their faces.
While they advocated,
Replacing to erase their quality of life!

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a poetic soliloquy on what seems to be about political spectacle, power, and hypnotized crowds; potential perhaps for some emotional honesty in response, but even that has turned into a force of insanity very good poem regardless of what his specific politics are or what it technically means in terms of politics