One Kiss, My Lovely

one kiss, my lovely

on your tender, trembling cheek
as your life is placed in The Judges' cold hands
you, so young and innocent and bright
hoping hesitantly, you wait for a sign

The Judge will take your milk-white skin
and SLASH it with her red-hot knife
your weak cries falling on deaf ears
your body writhing in unending pain

She will judge your acheivments, your hard works
without mercy, she will streak
your pure blessed skin with ruby red blood
marking you as one who has been Judged

your sweet blood will run, desperate screams
will echo, along Her desolate halls
Shameless, Brutal, Unaware of your pleas, She will strike
HER glory. HER triumph

all this awaits as I place you in Her hands
you will come back changed:
scarred beyond recognition, bled dry
and so one kiss, my lovely

until we meet again

im gonna tell you what this is about whether you want to know or not, cuz it amuses me and i want you to know. this is about a ritual i started this past year in math, of kissing my tests and quizzes right before I hand them in. ill bet you never would have guessed. >.<

by gina prettybrowneyes

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*shuffles feet* well this was a good poem too, I guess so... I voted 10 You deserve it...
OMG..this one's about a test? hahaha...too good man..i never could have guessed it! *wink* Preets