One Last Kiss Before I Go

I look at this and wonder
Where did it all begin?
With my hands to my eyes
And heart smothering my brain
I looked, and fell
I fell so far, I will never go back
The pit was wide and deep
And I welcomed it

I fell in love, up to my neck
It pulled me down, sweet and violent
And in the very middle I found you
Your sweet smile and endless eyes
And your words, so magical
Days might have turned to weeks,
But I never noticed
I was captured by you, and gratefully

You saved me from my own mortal wounds
Releasing me from my words, so tight around my neck
You held my heart and set it free
Letting it blow through the wind of wonder
And I could see what i had not seen
A happiness in the hellworld we both mingle in
A candle in a darkened world
And I knew, if only for a short while,
We were meant to be together.

by Fallen Too Far

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Beautiful, I felt the whirlwind of falling...and yet, at the end, the tug of sadness as well.