SR (15.8.94 / Taree)

One Last Push

Why do I feel as if I'm standing on the edge
of a cliff,
Waiting for someone to push me into the cold
river below.
I just feel so lonely and I need someone to
hold me,
But I push away all the people that come
too close,
All of these mixed up feelings in my
broken heart,
All caused by one guy who I cared for the most out of
everybody I knew
I thought we would last forever but I
was wrong
He broke my heart and now I'm standing on
the edge,
Just waiting or someone to give me the
last push
So I can fall down, down, down, into the cold
river below
Please just give me that one last push,
someone please
Put my life to an end so I don't have to
suffer anymore
Just before you do, tell the guy that I love
him dearly,
And as you push me down, I will say
my last goodbye...

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