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One Last Request
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

One Last Request

I walked up to the house, not sure what to say.
I new that it was over, we both said it should be that way.
I saw you in the window, you looked at me to and my heart just melted cause right then and there I knew.

One Last Request is all you need say,
One Last Request and I'd would forever stay.
In your arms and in your heart, never far apart,
All you have to do is ask for One Last Request.

You walked into the room as I was packing my cloths, you said 'I'm sorry it had to end this way, but I do still love you.'
I looked at him and smiled with the tear's still in my eyes and told him we were young and in love it happen's all the time.

At my car he hugged me good-bye and said always keep in touch, we'll always mean something to each other I'll always know that much.

I drove home thinking if he only knew what a fool we both had been and how many wasted years we'd been through since the age of ten.
At my new home that night I check my machine and to my surprise there was a message that whispered softly,

'One Last Request, I hope it's not to late.'
'One Last Request, is all I can make'
'But, One Last Request is all it should take.'

And that's all it took.

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