One Last Tear Drop

I have nothing left to give you,
I don't even have hate.

I am empty of all feeling, I'm sorry I guess that's just fate.

You've done your job quiet well, now leaving should be easy for you,
Just don't forget to lock the door your return will be long over due.

I no longer wait for your call, or listen for your voice.

One Last Tear Drop I cried and I'm void of all of you.

No more will there be hurt, for my heart cannot handle the pain,
It's lost to all that's emotional I guess that's the pleasure of pain.

Is it bitterness I speak? Your dam right it is, but don't you worry I'm ok leaving was the best you could do.

Keep walking in that direction, never will we meet again,

For in this life I live now Tear Drops are a ladies only friend.

by Rachel Fogle

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