One Last Time

The sky so dark like the thoughts in my mind
I looked up but the tears made me blind
Sitting alone here waiting for a sign
That I will be happy again one last time.

The storm came over and made it worse
Now I wonder if I was blessed or cursed
Lost and hopeless in my own darkness
I wished for the storm to cease to exist.

Days go by but the storm was still there
With no place to go and none to care
I felt my heart go numb in this endless nightmare
As I slowly lose all my sanity and tear.

lost In the darkness of loneliness and sorrow
I wished for my heart to be dead and shallow
Desperately waiting for a sun and its halo
As I try to forget my past and its shadows.

My Hope ain't gonna fade away till I die
will stand my ground till I see a clear sky
Through the truth and true love I will fly
And thus I will be happy again one last time.

by Jake Javes

Comments (4)

Write comment. Imagination, Javes. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Beautiful poem about grief and hope. Waiting for the sun and it's halo as I try to forget the past and it's shadows. Nice lines.
My hope ain't gonna fade away till I die Will stand on ground till I see clear sky.. I liked the ending Good flow of words and rhyming.. You may like my poem loneliness
clear sky I see, good one