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*) ~one Less Holiday~(*
LD (05/29/73 / Peekskill, NY)

*) ~one Less Holiday~(*

Poem By Lee Degnan

One less chair
One missing presence
One no longer there
Another wishing penance
Fate has been handed
And taken something so dear
And what's taken for granted
becomes all too clear
The mention of holidays
can put a fear in some
And as the days get closer...
Cheer? I have none.

As the days come closer
it becomes clearer to me
the one thing I wish most
will never again come to be
It hurts to know from now on
I've one less present to get
Because you are gone
and this fills me with regret
One solitary abscence
Has left such a big hole
Life's lost its essence
Time has taken its toll
The simplest thought
by reserving one more seat
just what reality has wrought
the heart so bittersweet

So a spot is forever reserved
now deep within my heart
My children always know
she's as close as my nearest thought
I once held a heart of gold
now left with me are memories
Missing so much that hand to hold
This fate, unfortunately, is my family's.

November 29th,2007

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Comments (11)

This is a very touching poem. I think it must reach out to so many people, we all know loss eventually. And the hole that is left can be huge. It's sad your loss came far too soon. Your poem really captures the pain.
Is this for Mommasita? Every time you think about her, it gives you more and more strength with which to carry on into your life. It makes her happy, knowing that you have came into her life and all you know is that you want to be with her! No one in this world knows the feeling that she get when she always feels you. She will always live in your heart, in your mind and in your soul. Mommasita love you so much... God bless you always! Happy New Year to you and your family!
thanks lee for your comments on my haikus. this is a very touching poetry and i share your feelings and heartbreaks. but time will always heal. it is made for that. love, from john.
What I like in your style of writing is your ability to draw out emotions (dormant for many years) from your unsuspecting readers. You made me sad in this poem.
Lee! I am blessed that i haven't had a heartbreak like this happen to me, don't know how i could handle it. Glad to have read your beautiful poem! Thad