*) ~one Less Holiday~(*

One less chair
One missing presence
One no longer there
Another wishing penance

by Lee Degnan Click to read full poem

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This is a very touching poem. I think it must reach out to so many people, we all know loss eventually. And the hole that is left can be huge. It's sad your loss came far too soon. Your poem really captures the pain.
Is this for Mommasita? Every time you think about her, it gives you more and more strength with which to carry on into your life. It makes her happy, knowing that you have came into her life and all you know is that you want to be with her! No one in this world knows the feeling that she get when she always feels you. She will always live in your heart, in your mind and in your soul. Mommasita love you so much... God bless you always! Happy New Year to you and your family!
thanks lee for your comments on my haikus. this is a very touching poetry and i share your feelings and heartbreaks. but time will always heal. it is made for that. love, from john.
What I like in your style of writing is your ability to draw out emotions (dormant for many years) from your unsuspecting readers. You made me sad in this poem.
Lee! I am blessed that i haven't had a heartbreak like this happen to me, don't know how i could handle it. Glad to have read your beautiful poem! Thad
Omg.. As soon as i read 'One less chair' i knew what i was about to read, gettng to know you as i am lee, this REALLY is such a great write, so true from the heart, its what i have come to expect from you! ! A 10 lee..xxx
Dearest lee, this beautiful piece is reminiscent of the Masonic 'Empty Chair' ceremony. A beautiful remembrance penned with great compassion and a healthy lack of self indulgence. Distinctive ceremonies are always such a poignant reminder of the absence of a loved one. Thanks for sharing this very personal loss. love, Allie xxxx
As close as my nearest thought, you never cease to amaze me young lady I would like a chair in the corner of your heart, I would have the warmth and peace that all we mortals crave. Touching, sincere and heartfelt, even in sadness you are a joy to read, slip a little of that talent in an envelope and send it to me, to an enchantress from a philistine warmth and admiration Chris
Ah, Lee...For once i wished you wrote only fictional theme, as i do, as if you did, this would be far less sad.But i think i have read enough of your work to know, that unlike me, you do write about personal happenings, and heart-woven passion.And that this exceptionally powerful poem of loss, is all too real for you & yours.How lucky though, was she to have you for so many years...and vice versa.Your inner-strength, as well as your faith will be your anchor in knowing that this void, (as all of our personal voids) , are but only temporary, and as difficult as it be, right now, you must allow good memories to break through that shroud of sadness & loss that you & your family are experiencing. Lee, your natural talent to express, and move positive energy towards yourself, as well as to those who are an important part of your many years to come....is paramount now...and i know you will carry on, and smile brightly again, as it is my guess, that she would not accept anything less from you.My prayers are with you. Frank
Lee, i can also relate this one, but one has to move on. Let us just make the most of it, my family also are far away, but this does not mean they does not dwell in my heart, it is always there. And we have to move forward so we can have a little peace in our hearts. Prayer helps, its our stronger link to heaven. I am always here for you, kapatid, no matter what..I will lit that tiny spark for you so you will be able to see even a liitle light in every corner of your heart..Amen? Now, wear that beutiful smile of yours, the most beautiful girl in the world, only your mother can say... Mahal kita, soooooooo much, Meggie
One very nicly written poem, one of my top 10 fer sure! Keep Writing, Best Wishez, Angel