One Less Sin

With intentions of being the perfect place
This world was created from a deep dark space
Then right there in the very beginning
The world was changed because of two persons sinning
There we learned the power of just one sin
And right now's the time and place to begin
To learn the power of one less sin
One Less sin let's all say prayer
One Less sin you need to care
One Less sin I'll do my share
One Less sin just one less sin
Now it won't be easy for some to give in
They'll have to reach way down deep within
And one we've learned we'll spread the word
Then little by little the world will have heard
And in time they will all join in, and together
We'll all enjoy the rewards of one less sin
One less sin each and every day
One less sin a small price to pay
One less sin will lead the way
One less sin just one less sin
With help from God and his almighty Grace
The world again could be the perfect place
All you have to do is just give in, remember
It's the only world we have to live in
And it all starts with one less sin
One less sin will surely shine
One less sin over all mankind
One less sin until the end of time
One less sin just one less sin
Please won't you give in

by James Blaine Shultz

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Congrats! You've written a poem that is deep and gives me a visual. Thanx. Happy Holidays!