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One Lie Leads To Another Lie

By so called reputable people we so often are misled
And one lie leads to another lie as we often have heard said
And to cover up for one lie another lie you must tell
'Tis a thorny path to heaven but an easy path to hell.

One lie leads to another lie that always is the case
Your first lie for deception and your second to save face
And when you are faced with the truth the truth you will deny
And to lie to you comes easy so you tell another lie.

One lie leads to another lie if what you say is untrue
Then another lie you must tell and your lies won't stop at two
But the truth of guilt will free you though the truth can be hard to speak
And to lie is always easy and 'tis easy to be weak.

Look at ex President Bill Clinton to millions of people he lied
When his affair with Monica Lewinsky in public he denied
Had he told the truth in the first place of guilt he would have set himself free
But he took for him the easy option and he lied quite easily.

One lie leads to another lie and to more lies that will lead
And to cover for the lies you've already told a good memory you need
And though the truth at times is hard to speak the truth will serve you best
For the truth will always ring true in a lie detector test.

by Francis Duggan

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Lies, we are engulfed in lies. Some lies kill, other lies destroy towns, cities, countries and continents. Lies cause death. Remember the lies of George Bush. Lies are man-made. Lies are terrible and very bad.