One Life, Live It

Life is a gift, an opportunity
Live your best, creatively

Life offers hope of better tomorrow
Live as if there is no tomorrow

Life is made up of dreams
Live to realize them

Life is a lifelong dance
Live to sing and dance

Life is lifetime of searching and finding
Live as if you are daily adventuring

Life is full of colour and beauty
Live to appreciate and enjoying it

Life is a challenge
Live and brave it with courage

Life is meant to live your best
Live passionately, let love manifest

Life, born out of love, is to love
Live, love and care, give

Life brings pain and sorrow
Live, the rainbow will follow

Life is delightful
Live to its full

Life is a blessing
Live to be a blessing

Life is responsibility
Live life honestly

Life is a beautiful game
Live, play without complaint

Life is to rejoice
Live to fill it with simple joys

Life is spiritual and sacred
Live gratefully, thanking God for it


by Paul Sebastian

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Live the best, love all leave the rest to god. Magical words, unique messages, thanks I got a chance to read, evergreen messages, liked it, perfect 10