One Life's Futile Connections

What purpose is served,
by laying blame to one's self;
for the feelings of worth,
as linked to a life's health;
in the exertion of soul,
through the fight for true life;
within a world deemed at present,
to all a great fright?

To express a torment,
through the effort of each breath;
is anguish that reverberates anew,
in your heaving chest;
in angry quakes all that is troublesome,
reaches a crest;
and looms high above you,
awaiting your life's next test.

If when in hiding you continue,
to resist in your given fate;
the reflections cast by your light,
may not fully awake;
to grant towards your life,
a true love now long belated;
one so fulfilling,
it will leave your tired soul elated.

Come on out of the depths,
and look up towards the light;
stay not on your island,
stray far away from dark nights;
connect yourself into,
the first thoughts that you know;
are the guide to your true life,
above all in this world.

In this life be yourself,
not one with the lost others;
escape futile hopelessness,
by trust in your druthers;
reach into your happiness,
smile for your sisters and brothers;
and leave blame far behind,
without any soul's bother.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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