One Little Drop

Life is like a bucket
With water to the brim
And you, a drop of it
Among the others swim.
Alone, you are a little bit,
A tiny speck, that's all,
But, with all the rest of it,
You're a mighty water fall.
Together you, the flowers grow.
To the lost you give a drink.
Alone the bud would surely go,
The thirsty traveler sink.
So, you must have brothers
For your drop to be worthwhile,
To ease the thirst of others,
To make the flowers smile.
So, be thankful for life's bucket,
Where you're allowed to swim,
And be glad you are a drop of it,
For your life, depends on them.

by Herbert Moore

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I really liked this poem! I would also like to use it in a Christian newsletter (paper - 350 copies) , but I am a new member and cannot find how to e-mail you to get permission. Please inform me at Thanks.