The Husband You Are Longing For

I want to be your husband so loving,
just what your heart is longing for,
so that you absorb all my passion and always be open for more,
and I want to be caring, protecting and committed to marriage,
so that we have kids that others adore.

I will show affection and praise all your body-sections,
with all the words that enlighten and thrive for perfection,
so you can blossom in passion and glow even more in progression,
yes I want you to feel special...

I want to hug you and touch you so soft like feathers,
and pull out a rug with tender words which are showing manners,
I will flatter forever my wife with the best of the better,
and enjoy ourselfs by moving together...

I will stick to you always and we will walk on nice walkways,
where flowers grow wild, I will lay down my wife,
being with you is a joy like a birth of a child,
my bride is my pride who makes my eyes open wide...

- > forever together just like nothing else matters!

by Andreas Derksen

Comments (6)

Neatly written. I love this poem! Great job Mr. Edsen!
I like this quirky poem. It is just the kind of scene and thoughts any of us could have if we have the imagination and initiative.
And so we sit one lonely afternoon sipping water together. The fern looking out of its fronds, and I, looking out of mine.
Marvelous anecdote to overcome loneliness found. Thanks for sharing.
Lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.
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