One Lonely Tear

I see in my mind's eye, a very
precious child;
she is innocent and loving,
yet feels worthless and defiled.

On her troubled face, there's an
expression of terror and fear;
and in her baby blue eyes, I
could see one lonely tear.

It didn't make any sense to me,
that I knew just how she felt;
yet I connected with this child,
as though she were a part of myself.

I watched her in my thoughts, as
she played quietly in her room;
then I heard a stern voice say
to her, 'Stop playing, it's bedtime

I saw a look of horror, written upon
her face;
as she obeyed their command, and put
her toys' in their proper place.

As she crawled into her bed, she
quickly faced the wall;
and my mind tried to look away,
when I saw the familiar adult.

But somehow I couldn't find the
strength, to turn away from her;
so I continued to watch their actions,
in this childs' secret world.

I watched in utter disgust, the abusive
actions that took place;
and I knew then why there was such horror,
written upon her face.

I couldn't even describe, the despicable
acts of which I saw;
but it made me feel so weak and dirty,
as my skin began to crawl.

I saw the child laying there, she did
not try to fight;
the actions of the adult, who enjoyed
what was not right.

Then I watched as the adult left, and the
child curled up in a ball;
I could hear her softly sobbing, as
she faced the dirty wall.

My heart fell to my feet, as I
realized how I knew;
the way she felt, and then I thought,
'This little girl is you'.

by Ruth warren

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